Sohail Khalil

Project 1 – ‘Grow’

Within this project brief we were tasked with designing a building in the Peak District area of Hathersage to facilitate a group of allotment workers. The building would provide shelter for them, as well as a comfortable space to sit and eat, with storage spaces for tools and goods.

Project – 2 ‘Public Library’

This is my proposal for a public library in the Ropewalks area of Liverpool inspired by the historic rope making industry in the area. The building consists of work spaces, computer spaces, cafe area and an out door courtyard space.

Project 3 – Housing

The focus of this project was community housing using a courtyard. My site was Site C in Burngreave Sheffield. My scheme consisted of mainly family housing with a corner set of elderly and student combined housing, and in the centre of the scheme was a courtyard. The project emphasised communal interactions through the use of the courtyard and it served as a factor to encourage people to get involved in a community growing scheme.