Sixuan Li

P1 Foraging centre

The brief was to design a foraging centre. The programme was to educate people how to forage food from the forest and cook a meal using wild ingredients. Through foraging, people can learn and discover more of their surroundings.

Around 10mins away from Sheffield city centre by car, the site is located in the Gleadless valley. It’s a wild and flat grassland surrounded by trees, like a hidden paradise among the city. When I entered the site from the forest for the first time, I was surprised when I discovered how open it was.

Inspired by my trip to the site, this led to the idea of creating a journey in which people arrive from the forest to discover the foraging centre in the middle of an open field. As they approach closer to the foraging centre, they find a narrow entrance between two timber shells. Upon entering, they discover a hidden garden which opens out to the view of the landscape. Inspired by the variety of colour of plants on site, the landscape was designed to be a colourful garden in which people can sit and enjoy eating in the space. The building is organized so that the west part is dedicated for teaching and the east part is for storage and cooking.




My theatre is located in Sharrow and is focused on young people for commercial and educational purposes. There are many young people living in the surrounding community with a primary school nearby. As a result, a youth theatre felt appropriate. The analysis of building use on site showed there was café and restaurants here. So instead of creating a theatre with a café, I choose to integrate a bookstore, library, youth art studio and theatre into one building.

It was necessary to have an open plan for moving theatre sets and for children to play. The ground floor is serviced with a greenhouse and can be used for children’s education. It’s also creates a barrier between the theatre and adjacent housing.

The art studio provides opportunities for children to create and display their own work on stage during a performance. The bookstore and the library allow parents to read while their children are playing. It can also be used for educational use.



As a fundamental space for human life, housing is more than a shelter for me. It’s a place of love where you can stay with your family and create a home. I want to pay more attention to the primary stage of human life (childhood) in this project, because at that stage children spend more time at home and require more attention from their parents. At the same time, their parents will have the busiest period of their life as they spend lots of time on their children, which is similar to looking after pets. Therefore housing should be different at this stage.

The site is situated in a park in Heeley, located southwest of Sheffield. It has a playground for children and many people play with their dogs inside. There is also a primary school nearby. All these conditions fit my concept perfectly.

By challenging the tradition of permanent living, I created a community which is only for families who have kids and pets with the age limitation set from 0-7 years old. The whole community has an enclosed back garden for communal use which offers a place for kids to play and leave their pets safely. The ground floor is quite open and flexible. Parents can have their own space and keep an eye on their children at same time. The play space scan change and be extended as well. The houses have been raised by 1.5m to ensure privacy from the newly designed public route. The route provides access to the park from the main street.