Sho Murayama

PERFORM  /  poetry café

Located in Attercliffe Sheffield, the poetry café is a proposal that aims to act as both a poets guild and café, whilst strengthening the struggling local community. A library/coffeeshop during the day, the space turns into a performance space primarily for poetry readings at night. Designed with the focus on creating a range of unique seating spaces, the tiered floors allow customers to view performances however best suits them. 


THRESHOLD  /  kayak centre

Situated along the River Don off of Clubmill Road near Hillsborough, the site prompted a simplistic design that would nestle into the surroundings. The narrow path to site is hemmed in by a long stretch of trees lining each side of the route, blocking views to the river, however upon reaching the site a threshold is crossed as visitors emerge from the trees to an open panorama of the river. This natural threshold is highlighted by the architectures thin passage which narrowly frames the river, before being completely exposed after stepping onto the jetty.