Shawn Kejriwal


A vast nature park complete with different species of trees, Rivelin Valley Park was once an industrial area consisting of waterwheels to generate electricity. On a flat area surrounded by trees and stream of water running just around the corner sits a simple bakery.  The main programme consist of a small communal café and a teaching space to help people in vulnerability.   Here, the bakery explores the different thresholds of the site identified  and it’s  relationship with the experiential qualities of bakery itself while also exploiting the activity, the ‘theatre’ that goes on in the bakery.



The brief was to design a theatre in the district of Sharrow in Sheffield. The area seems to be thriving with a multiplicity of stores but still seems little redundant. Although the area do hold a Sharrow festival annually, it lacks that civic pride it needs. The breif to design the theatre is a fantastic opporutnity to give the punch that Sharrow needs. Understanding the demographic situation of the area, the presence of schools around Sharrow, I propose a puppet theatre. Ppuppetry is a visual medium that is understandable by people of ages and ethinicity. This puppet theatre introduces puppet performances of various types and cultures to accomodate the diverse population of Sharrow. Perforamces ranging from Japanese’s Bunraku to a intensive perforamnce for adults to cover a serious topic are introduced to introduce to level of appreciation of art and culture for adults and helps Sharrow to become more active and used.  A puppetry making workshop is also introduced to create a space of recreation for children which is much needed after their school times and accomodates adults too.



A need for adaptability is one of the major solutions to help the problem of the current housing crisis. Providing a good amount of space to allow, for example, user’s freedom of furniture layout, is a major point of my manifesto, I intend to promote the street as a social interaction space. Heeley has a real sense of community with a number of well-used focal points, its dispersed nature of areas makes the place socially distant. While designing a set of adaptable terrace housing for families, I’ve also proposed a public square to help tie three focal points creating a sense of neighbourhood while also creating a path to connect two parts of Heeley together.