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Parkwood Springs supposed to be a perfect place for cycling and all kinds of outdoor activities because of its great amount of greenery and natural views. However, because of the industrial workshop around the southern area, the whole place, to some extent, is quiet contaminated with all kinds of wastes lying everywhere. What the site needs is a place that provides basic service for cycling and a place where people can have a decent rest at the beginning or the end of the journey. Hence we had chosen the spot which is the most likely to be the beginning and ending point of the Parkwood Spring cycling journey to be the site of the CYCLE HUB.


Theatre, a concept that has more than two thousands years of history, has always been one of the most important places for people to entertain, to socialise, to learn and to dream. Through the rapid transition of the world, more and more theatres have somehow lost the sense of history, more and more plays have become products of consumer culture and junk culture. Looking at Ancoat, a new developed residential neighbourhood with few place that is suitable for a family to gather around. What this community probably need is a real theatre that brings them back to time and history, a place for them to experience the nostalgic charming of stage and to relive the moment of the past.



Home, the one place for people to sleep, to eat, to live and to dream, the only territory where you have the full charge, the most important place of life. However, with the housing crisis in the UK and continuously increasing population and immigration, the demand and supply relationship of housing business is facing a big challenge. To seek for a settlement, people sometimes has to sacrifice their quality of living over the choice of budget, especially for those who has just began their new life in this unfamiliar country. Being one of the biggest hosts of immigrants, it is our duty to provide them a place where they can regain the sense of belonging without paying an unapproachable price, a place will be defined as a HOME but not just any other cheap accommodation when they recall this period of memory in their later life.


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