Serina Kitazono

p1 “Threshold” 


Situated in Sheffield General Cemetery on a sloped hill, this apiary is designed to house a shelter for 4 beehives which can be observed from three floors, one of which is a classroom/club space. The threshold I am addressing is between the clean cut grass of the slope and a patch of unmaintained foliage. The foliage is to become part of the apiary, being allowed to grow up and within the building, making the natural environment of the bees the centre of the project. The outdoor apiary is a sculptural three story structure based on the precedent ‘knit fort’ by Matt Gagnon studio, which provides a secluded, peaceful setting in which to observe the beehives. 

p2 “Perform”


Located in Darnall, a Sheffield suburb, the intention of this scheme is to form links with local schools and children’s activity groups. The theatre is designed as a children’s performance space and therefore focuses on making the child’s experience of the building as enjoyable as possible. There is an emphasis on highlighting the excitement that happens in the backstage area, which can be observed in glimpses from the downstairs café. The theatre stands out on the street elevation due to the size and form it takes on, but by taking aspects of the materiality of Darnall it is still sensitive towards the context.