Saulė Pribušauskaitė



S a u l e         P r i b u s a u s k a i t e        P o r t f o l i o 



P1      A P I A R Y 



For this project I had to design an Apiary in Sheffield’s General Cemetery, which was a challenge since half of the site is renewed while the other is left old and abandoned. For this project we got to meet with Sheffield’s Beekeepers and I got to know more about the bees and its needs. Therefore, my initial design was to split the building into two parts and create a kind of playful walkthrough place which would not only serve Beekeepers but also would attract more people as their leisure spot. As well, I tried to not interrupt the landscape and keep it as minimal as possible design wise. My main idea was to involve the catacombs which now are empty as I wanted to emphasise their greatness and remind people of what this place really is about.





 p2 civer       

P 2   T H E  S U N L I G H T  T H E A T R E  


This project was challenging but very enjoyable as I had to design a theatre in Attercliffe area in Sheffield. The site given felt more as a ghost town as it was quite abandoned and it felt unsafe being there besides the only people who we met there were the shop keepers. But even they told us in the site survey that neither of them or the clients lived in the area. This negative attitude towards Attercliffe got me inspired and I’ve decided to keep my building quite light and transparent so people only from one glance could understand what the space is about and what kind of activities it provides. I wanted to make the theatre a ray of sunshine that lives in the area all year long. The theatre is designed for young actors – the ones who are still studying or the ones who have just graduated from university. As there isn’t a lot of greenery in the area I tried to include trees into my design as well to make it more eco-friendly. Moreover, I’ve tried to create a space where people could relax from their routine and connect with each other since the residents originally told us that there is no community feeling in the area. Therefore, I got my inspiration from the TU Delft Architecture Department’s lecture theatre which is completely open to all – students and just strangers who want to learn more about architecture. As a result, my theatre has no doors because it is always open and inviting people to come on in to check out what the actors are doing.







P3 H O U S I N G  I N  H E E L E Y

This scheme was inspired by the ideas from Jan Gehl and Walter Segal. The whole concept is based on self-build housing and enables the family to grow with the house, because the dwellings are originally created for  fostering families. All of the houses are built on the timber decks since the site is on a slope. Timber decks act as a platform for different activities to happen and they act as a foundation for a house. This means that the family can build up walls anytime easily without waiting to get the base.

In the middle of some timber decks there is a rectangular pull-out bench/table created. To spot these spaces easier the direction of the board is changed. They can be held by timber bolt which is attached to the deck. 

The house itself has a grid inside which lets the family to change the use and the size of the spaces easily. The only thing that is not movable is the core of the house – bathroom, kitchen and stairwell. On the first floor there is a balcony created to provide kids peeking space to look what is happening downstairs.