Santiago Wagner Velez

P1: Photo

Our brief was to design a photographer’s centre within the natural landscape of Surprise View, one of the Peak District’s viewpoint.

Landscape photography as a profession and hobby is tiring due its physically demanding nature. We aimed to create a building that reflected the uneven surrounding terrain by extending the contours of nature through the building form.

P2 : Library

For this project, I wanted to design a library centred on conversation between people.

Rather than people coming in to borrow a book, they could “borrow” a person who has stories to tell them, from their unique life experiences.

I felt that with the new regeneration of the area and the surplus of student housing it was important to provide a library that serves as a community building, one that does not just house knowledge through books but one that offers opportunities for workshops and educational classes – providing a space for collaboration between different people in the area.

P3 : House

My manifesto was to provide adaptable housing that accommodates for the unpredictable future of the residents of the site – through the expansion/shrinkage of their dwelling in line with changes in family demographics and lifestyle.