Sanskriti Gupta

Project 1- Grow

With Davithri Wickramtilake

Designing for Hathersage in the Peak District, we were tasked to design a small building which sits perfectly within its landscape responsive to its context whilst utilizing appropriate technology informed by a wider theoretical position. This building is designed to provide spaces for relaxation, reading, tea drinking, meditation for the people working in the allotment.

Project 2 -Theater

Our brief was to design a small community performance space, the site allocated to me was on Duke street, Liverpool. I went back in time and looked at how street theaters promote a feeling of free flow, no boundaries . Thus my design revolves around the idea of creating a closer relationship with the audience and the viewer. This theatre functions as a street theatre during occasions and an indoor theatre on regular basis with provision of rehearsal room,cafe etc.

Project 3- Housing

Having developed an understanding of the Burngreave ward through our neighborhood study, our brief was to design housing to accommodate both families and an additional domestic group. Looking at the statistics of the elderly people living alone in Burngreave, it was important to design a inter generation housing scheme which brings different generations together to live in a happy environment. Thus, my design focuses on a modular housing concept ensuring maximum neighborly interactions among the elderly and the families.