Sanjukta Jitendhar



The past two years in Sheffield school of Architecture have pushed me to work harder and design more ambitiously,
and still be culturally aware of the context. I have learnt so much and I've felt myself evolve over this past year.
I have explored and experimented with different techniques such as, drawing, computer aided design, and physical modeling,
to further my designs and can hopefully be seen bellow.  
The galleries feature three projects from Second year, a cycle centre, community theatre, and housing.

P1Cycle centre | The spokes

The cycle centre is located in south street park between parkhill and Sheffield train station. The brief required us to design a centre with storage of upto 50 bikes, small scale administration, repair and maintenance area, two accessible toilets, showering changing, locker facilities, and a sheltered place to wait. The Sheffield train station splits Sheffield into two sides, one which holds the city centre and the other which is greener and less developed. Since the site is located on the other side, we were encouraged to design a centre that bridges this gap and make more people aware of what lies beyond the city centre. The cycle centre displays an eleven meter tall bike storage system that resembles and functions like a vertical gear system of a bike. It can store upto 24 bikes and more space is provided in the front for quicker storage. There are entrances from both parkhill and the train station, making it a perfect location for commuters who want to hire or store bikes.






P2 Perform | Cabbages and Kings

The theatre is located in Attercliffe, Sheffield. Attercliffe used to be the industrial hub of Sheffield, but through the years has opened up to a larger and more diverse group of people and shops. Don valley stadium is now under regeneration and the council has approved a school in its place. The school is a two minute walk from the theatre and is a place for children of all ages to take part and perform. The main principal driving this project is that while a couple of children perform, most children backstage often get quite restless and I wanted the building to keep them engaged. The backstage is large and has access to the rest of the building. There are slides from the back stage to the ground floor. These slides have a transparent poly carbonate top which also acts as a counter top for a bar and a box office. The bare concrete walls hold backdrops from previous performances adding a layer of history and memories each time. The theatre is catered for both the Cabbages and Kings of the show.







P3 Housing | Heeley Medley

The housing scheme is located in Heeley, a district in the south of sheffield, 1.5 miles away from the train station. The site is a car park in front of a medical centre, located in the heart of heeley. Through site analysis and masterplanning, I felt Heeley was quite segregated, and I thought it was important to have a housing scheme that brings together people of different ages, from different economic and social backgrounds. This central location of the scheme will hopefully show the benefits of bringing different fragments of the society together and help remove barriers. The scheme has four single beds, four four beds, a community kitchen and dining area, and an adaptable communal courtyard.