Sandu Jayasinghe



Caving is for the most a journey from light to darkness and back.

The distinction between the two extremes naturally results in a threshold at the opening of the cave,

The project celebrates this natural threshold by boldly designing the accommodation without any walls or roofs for the social areas.

cavers take shelter from the cave itself.

My killer drawing for the project

The site set in Peak Cavern is memorable because of the enhanced third dimension of height provided by the cave.

The brief was to design a place for cavers to relax the night before the caving session.

The project consists of a bedroom for six, a bathroom and a changing and laundry unit along with a pantry facing the social space.

The spaces are arranged around the fireplace with a great view into and out of the cave.




Ancoats and in fact whole of Manchester was to be reminded of their legendary history of jazz music and “Madchester”.

People needed a place to take them back in time and a place to recreate the buzzed up vibe of the 80’s and the 90’s.

The theatre allows more space for jazz performances while using music to enhance the atmosphere within the architecture.


The site set in Ancoats, Manchester was much different to rest of the city.

The neighbourhood was less lively and consisted of lesser spaces for people to gather and socialise.

The brief given to design a theatre seemed an ideal opportunity to bring back life into the area.

The project consisting of one outdoor performance area, one auditorium, changing room, green rooms and a cafe with dining spaces

allows interaction with architecture and music to bring back the memory of Madchester.



Comfort is very much related to flexibility and choice. 

The choice to switch between different layers of privacy easily can be rather comfortable for most.

The different stages of an average people consist of work, neighbourhood, family and isolation in my opinion.

A close up at the project

The site being in the boundary between the town centre and the industrial area was an ideal area for the expansion of the town.

The housing scheme accommodates families and retired couples in a complex of 9 apartments.

Their lives are to be improved by allowing them to manage their businesses in the 5 shops on the ground floor.

The scheme works around passive surveillance to provide safety for children and layers of privacy for the comfort of all.