Samuel Evans

Castleton Cycle Hire Centre

The first project of second year was to design a cycle hire centre in Cave Dale in Castleton, based on the idea of “Threshold”. My idea of threshold in this project was to blur the lines of the threshold, in a sense having a continuous threshold throughout the building. This has been incorporated into my design through the use of a path that runs from the main path in the valley, up to the building, through the building,  back out and down to the path. Off this path within the building are all the facilities that are needed for a cycle hire centre. I wanted to give the impression that the building was standing out from the valley and making a statement. I feel that the use a monocoque structure of angular walls that are a both response from the edgy and angular valley that surrounds the building and a technique that through which I could make the building stand out. This is enhanced by the use of black zinc strips are a cladding.The building however sits on mild steel stilts that mean that there is little impact of the building onto the site.


Hillsborough Flexible Fringe Theatre

The second of project of the year was to design a theatre in Hillsborough. To begin with I conducted site analysis that consisted of trying draw and map out the sounds of the site. The result can be seen below:



After this analysis of the Hillsborough area,  I decided that I would design a flexible fringe theatre. I became fascinated by the concept of “The Willing Suspension of Disbelief”, the idea that whilst you are in a theatre you forget where you are and what is going on in life. In a sense the theatre becomes a place where you can escape all the worries of everyday life. A key concept in my design was to have a “fake” wall behind the set of the theatre that during a performance would be opaque, but at the end of the performance would become translucent and the viewers would be reminded of their setting in Hillsborough.

My design response was to have the theatre projecting out of the site and lifted off the ground, with the bar and ticket offices occupy the space on the ground. I wanted the users of the building to experience a journey through the building, that everything would feel natural. A key part of my site was an existing brick wall that marks the boundary of the site and I wanted to include this in my design. Therefore my design proposes that all existing walls are to be kept, and that to contrast between the old and the new I have used a rough-faced black brick as the main building material. 


Woodside Masterplan – Group Project

Our site analysis for our final project of second year (Housing Project) was to create an overall master plan for the area of Sheffield that our housing project would be located in. These were then sent off to the local council for consideration. This project was a group project along with Grace Gallagher, Eniayo Oyebolu and Alex Sims.