Samuel Collins

P1 A Place to Forage

My brief for this project was to design a Foraging Center in Gleadless Valley. Throughout this project I have explored tactility in architecture and the notion of urban escape. The outcome is a temporary wooden structure that internally addresses the preserving process of food collection, whilst also playing on the exploratory nature of foraging.





transforming a dying town

Renew Australia is a program set up in 2001 more then 60 groups of artist, creative businesses and community groups have been taking over once empty spaces in the center of Newcastle . I propose a similar scheme for Darnall where empty shops that tarnish Darnall image and the perception of its residents. As a starting point there must be a collective program that  ties together these empty spaces, which in Darnall’s case will be the New Lantern Theater.





Precedent Study

Grand Union Street Cannal

Nicolas Grimshaw + Partners

Skin deep high tech

More a machine for living then a living machine





P3 An Alternative to Sheltered Housing

I want to provide the level of care and facility available in Sheltered Housing in a more de-institutionalized manor. By replacing the warden with a larger network of people  and opening up these facilities to  make them more public will reduces the isolation of the elderly residents and in their eyes, hopefully create the impression of a more independent, informal relationship with a care system that was once institutionally programmed into everyday life.