Sam Naylor // Year 2 Architecture Portfolio

Sam Naylor

Programme 1.0 – Falconry Outpost

Bordering the Peak District, the site is tucked away within the surrounding fields of Ringinglow, approximately 15 minutes away from Sheffield’s City Centre by car.  This Falconry Visitor Centre peers across the Limb Brook and beyond from atop a small but steep mound, taking full advantage of the undulating landscape which the site has to offer. The placement of the design within the site was determined by the interest in a ‘visual’ threshold – revolving around the boundaries of what can be seen.

After taking an initial interest into the flight and natural habitats of falcons and hawks alike, the design of this project was inspired by the concepts of tension and precipice. These notions are most notably emphasised within the briefing room. Coupled with a dramatic cantilever, the inclined south facing façade is completely glazed in an attempt to explore the striking vista and create a sensation of flight for those within. Meanwhile, the nature of the roof intentionally mimics the silhouette of a bird during flight. The form of the roof is achieved through the use of Glulam beams and a Zinc skin, while the remainder of the envelope is formed by a larch cladding.


Programme 2.0 – Pub Theatre for Comedy and Spoken Word

Programme 2.0 called for the design of a small community theatre building. With a performance area harboured within the Lower Ground of this pub theatre, the design offers a solution for the regeneration of Attercliffe, an economically tired area of Sheffield. Having been done a significant disservice through the introduction of Meadowhall Shopping Centre nearby, Attercliffe has been reduced to a fairly unwelcoming district, with its main purpose being the provision of a thoroughfare route linking inner Sheffield with the new shopping centre.

The driving force behind the design was to encourage social interaction, as well as provide intimate, alternative entertainment for the local and wider community to enjoy. A key idea held in mind during the design process was to emulate but also contrast the surrounding area in different respects. It was desired for the design to mimic the incognito nature of the convenience stores, sex shops and other such stores which have thrived since Attercliffe’s decline, whilst in contrast provide a welcoming and inviting addition to the area.