Sally Hodgson

P1 – Observatory

Working in partnership with Kemba Mitchell, our design brief was to create a space observatory atop Higger Tor in the Peak District.

Focusing primarily on accessibility, Kemba and I decided to delve deeper into what kind of disability would be the most challenging for an observatory on Higger Tor. We then developed our design into a space observatory specifically accessible for blind people. Our building took on the shape of a star path allowing for a definitive path to guide around the rooms. We also created different levels of lighting and sensory posts to signify thresholds in order make our observatory an immersive experience that heightened other senses.

P2 – Theatre

For the second project we were tasked to design a theatre in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. I decided to refine my design to become a “drag’ theatre, specifically for drag queen performances in response to the huge LGBTQ community in this area. In my design I incorporated the use of colour and symbolism, drawing on the gay pride flag for inspiration whilst using a copper facade to reflect the surrounding red brick fish market and buildings of the Northern Quarter.

P3 – Intergenerational Housing

The idea behind my housing scheme for the third project was based on intergenerational housing, all-encompassing of the different religions, ethnicities and backgrounds of each family relative to the demographic of the site in Burngreave. Again in this project I explored colour and symbolism to create a housing scheme that was diverse in order to highlight the diversity of the area. I created single bedroom disabled accessible houses and separate family houses to cater for different kinds of people. I also incorporated a community centre housing a bat shelter in response to the bat population in the adjacent Burngreave Cemetery.