Ryan Smith

Year 2 Portfolio 



My three projects this year have featured a wide variety of themes and manifestos.

My overall intellectual agenda has been to conserve space whilst not compromising human need and comfort, and how Flexible Architecture can be implemented.



University email address:  rsmith12@sheffield.ac.uk

Personal email address: ryansmith0709@gmail.com



P 1

A Walkers Refuge

Situated in the hills of Castleton

”Hiking downhill is often taken for granted. For lots of walkers and mountaineers, getting back down a hill you’ve just spent hours or days climbing up is, comparatively, the easy part.” 

(Extract From Hiking Guide)

340 million years ago, the area which is now the Peak District was covered by a warm, clear, shallow sea. The sea was full of microscopic shell-creatures, and on the sea bed there were several coral reefs and beds of shellfish.  Over a long period, millions of years, these creatures lived and died in this area, gradually laying down a thick bed of calcium deposits from their shells. 

The Walkers Refuge mimics a route within it’s Architecture, to provide a carbon positive retreat for tired walkers exploring the hills at the end of their journey.




P 2

SOAP Street Library

Situated in the Northern Quarter District

”First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” 

(Extract Napoleon Hill)

Soap Street Library aims to encourage the evolution of ideas for all ages. As you enter into Saop Street Library you are instantly taken into a wealth of information. Anybody is welcome to this library and don’t worry about being quiet, you’re encouraged to share ideas. As you ascend the staircases, the library becomes more and more insular and you will find that the material you require becomes more and more focused to what you are looking for. The tables begin to become more personal and the place seems to become somewhat quieter. Finally at the top you will be able to bring your idea to life. Finally what has been stuck in your head for months is on paper. So why not take a break.




P 3

Co-Housing for Creatives

Situated in Burngreave. South Yorkshire

”My hope is that light, flexible architecture might bring about a new and open society.” 

(Frei Otto)

The scheme explores some integrated flexibly strategies, allowing the use of a small plot to be far greater than what a standard static house can be. The ground floor can convert into being a sustainable guest room for elderly guests. Both units feature modern flexibility devices that have been tested throughout the design of these two units,



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