Ryan Sinnott

P1 – Observatory

For our P1 project we were tasked with designing a space for observation on Higger Tor, an area in the Peak district. I designed an observatory that focused on engaging the public and promoting discovery, instead of a single high power telescope like the one we studied in the Hicks building, I proposed that the observatory be more engaging with the public with the use  personal telescopes that can be borrowed or the encouragement for people to bring their own. Another design decision I made was for the observation deck to always be open to the public, so people are free to observe stars outside business hours or simply have a quite place to visit and relax.



P2 – Theatre

During our analysis of our site in Attercliffe I found the area rather in need of rejuvenation with the only local shops being either sex shops or specialty manufacturers. I wanted the theatre to act as a central destination for culture, entertainment and socializing.

With such a small and confined site I decided that the theatre would host small performances like comedians, singers and cabaret acts, i took inspiration from the small cabaret theatres of Soho and other London venues.

A main aspect of the theatre is its duality, while upstairs performances can be held, downstairs the bar area can bring together the social circles of Attercliffe with a non threatening pub atmosphere.  



P3 – Housing

The core ideas behind my housing scheme are diversity and accessibility, Heeley is a very densely populated suburb relatively close to the centre of Sheffield, however a large amount of space is used as tightly packed social housing dating back to Sheffield’s industrial days.

With the designs of the houses on the site i wanted to promote a diverse community within the new houses, a serious issue these days is the lack of suitable houses for first time buyers so I designed these houses considering students, couples and families as potential occupants and what they would be able to pay for a home, to try to create a vibrant community of new ideas and various ages.

During our analysis of the site I felt that there was very little incentive for socializing within the community, with the only nearby attractions being a pub and a fish and chip shop. So i wanted to help breathe new life into Heeley with new, interesting housing and more local shops selling local produce.