Ruth Cook

The Sails Cycle Centre

The Sails is a bicycle rental centre designed to be a hub for both amateur and experienced mountain bikers, providing open facilities for social interaction and safe training.The scheme is placed in the topographically challenging location of Cave Dale in the Peaks, addressing it’s surrounding landscapeand Peveril Castle with sympathetic material and form. Reclaimed railway sleeper cladding gives a solidity to the buildings, while floor to ceiling glazing and a revealed roof structure creates airy, light filled spaces within. The Organic forms of the twin structures and fluid sails meander down through the landscape, in mimicry of the ever-changing water flow down the valley.

RedBox Theatre

The RedBox is a small-scale community theatre situated at the outskirts of Sheffield, within Darnall High Street. The polycarbonate shell which cocoons the structure mimics the traditional terraced street scape, while allowing a gauzy view of the seemingly floating ‘red box’ theatre form within. The scheme is a dramatised version of Darnall life, an escapist and distorted reflection of it’s surroundings. The project employs flexible spaces to provide a multi-purpose rehearsal, community interaction and performance venue and is designed for efficiency. Detailing such as the year-round crimson hued planting and red stair rail create a sequence which lifts the visitor from the High Street up into the illusory and enchanting world of the RedBox Theatre which hovers above.