Ruby Rose Flanagan

P2 Theatre Project

In this project I created a community concert venue for young performers to experience a space that offered exceptional acoustics. I designed a space that would optimise the acoustics to both amplified and acoustic un amplified classical music to be performed. The interior form of the hall expressed through the exterior egg shaped volume of the concert hall which is suspended within the building in order to isolate it from the outside world to avoid noise pollution. Below the suspended auditorium I created an open plan and flexible foyer as a gathering space for the visiting audience, allowing the public to experience the suspended form of the hall above and enjoy a drink or two. The glass roof enclosed the space and reflects the curved form of the concert hall, and provides daylight into the foyer from above as extremely tall buildings surround the site, so limiting side lighting.

P3 Housing Scheme

Initial research into Burngreave showed a high percentage of single parent families therefore I created a housing scheme that is aimed at families of a variety of sizes – including single parent families. Single parents can feel isolated and overloaded with responsibility. This is tackled within the scheme through working with public and private areas to ensure maximum comfort. The housing scheme provides traditional homes for optimum family living – achieved through drawing on my own upbringing and research into award winning houses in the UK.

The architecture is a simplified and abstract form of a traditional home. It responds to a typical child’s drawing of their home. It aims to create a safe place for kids to play that promotes their education and being outdoors through the community centre and garden.

The community centre is accessible to the community of Burngreave. It is based on the Live Tales model – where local children who are struggling with literacy from schools nearby are given the chance to create a story as a group and leave with ‘their’ book which gets them interested in reading and writing.