Rubi Hussey



In collaboration with Rebecca Acheampong01_-walking-boots

The brief for this project was to design a temporary shelter for walkers in Castleton. Our concept consists of providing the walkers a place of calmness and healing after a long treacherous journey.









The brief for this project was to design a housing complex for families in Burngreave, site A. My manifesto was focused on co-housing. Since Burngreave is a highly multi-cultural society, a co-housing scheme would allow people from different cultures gain a stronger sense of community and bring them together; as well as provide places to exchange knowledge and try out communal activities.

As a result of site A being located on a slope; to maximise sunlight intake and to avoid major overshadowing or lack of natural light, I decided to include a courtyard garden in the middle of the ensembles. The First Floor would be linked to the third floor by a lift, connecting the common house to the houses on the top of the slope. Furthermore, the common house has been placed at ground level next to a main road (Burngreave Road) in order to aid public and disable user accessibility.