Robert Evans

 P1 ‘Walk’ – The Transcendent Refuge

Sullen and vast the Winyates fearful chasm

Yawns on the vale, as if an earthquake’s strength

Had spent itself in one convulsive spasm,

And then subsided – its tremendous length

Cleaving the hill’s deep heart from side to side

In jagged lines . . .

Array’d on either hand

Majestic images of beauty stand

In stately rows – a mimicry of tall Cathedral, steeple, turret, castle – wall,

And frowning battlements, whose reeling height

Is such that mortals tremble at the sight . . .

SCENES AROUND CASTLETON A Picnic at Woodhead and other Poems, Thomas Barlow 1867

The title of the first project was ‘walk’. We were given a task of creating a building that would provide shelter from the elements in the Peak District. The project promoted an appropriate response to the context and an understanding of the activity accommodated by the building. My P1 design developed from a heavy rammed earth structure embedded in the hill and a light timber structure that was held above it. The latter represents a celebration of the surrunding nature that the hikers can stop and revel in while the lower chtonic segment is symbolic of mother nature as it provides protection and shelter to those at night .


P2 ‘Library’ – The Lib Tec

The second project was to reinvent the library for the 21st Century in order to revitalise the Attercliffe community. The facade of the building and how it addressed the street was to be taken into special consideration. I began by defining my library as a place of gaining knowledge and subsequently my concept was to educate the area in technology. I saw this as an area to pursue due to the high demand of those competent with technology and as a result the employability of the area would increase.  This would be a place where the new local school would attend and those seemingly unemployable middle aged members of the area could also visit. The library would offer post graduate students with abilities in electronics the oppurtunity to work as a crew that would fix any technological issues brought by a member of society. As such it brings together a variety of people in order to create a more integrated and vibrant society.


P3 ‘Housing’ – The Heeley Arches

Our final project was housing for which we were required to design a housing project to accommodate both families and an additional domestic group. Additionally we were asked to design a community building appropriate to our scheme. My approach to this project was to improve the commercial side of Heeley while also addressing the residential aspect. Consequently I devised a business strategy that would rely on a relationship built on utility between the long term and short term residents on my site. I would attempt to make my site a stepping stone for small businesses as they reside for a short period on these street facing ShopHouses aimed to encourage a relationship between the long term residents and the smaller businesses. As a result the input from the local community would generate a growth of business substantial enough for the company to move on to the central hub of Heeley. As a result of of my neighbourhood study where we addressed Heeley’s fragmented nature I wanted to amplify the connections in Heeley. From this I introduced arches that would not only provide routes running through my scheme but become a symbolic attraction along Heeley’s main street.