Rianna Grant

P1 Observatory

For Project One, we were asked to design an observation facility in the Peak District, on Higger Tor, a joint project with Andreea Triscaru. I decided to design an observatory allowing students of the University of Sheffield to use as part of their studies, as the Peak District provides a good dark spot to observe the sky. The design was also heavily influenced by the sun, the observatory was orientated to perfectly align with the summer solstice. Consequently, the building has a glass front allowing light to penetrate the long corridor on one special day of the year.


P2 Theatre

For Project Two, we were asked to design a theatre situated in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. After looking into the Northern Quarter, I discovered street dance played a big part in the history of the lively Saturday night. Also, there appeared to be a need for contemporary dance theatres in the area. My design focused on the effects of light, natural and artificial, and how they could enhance the dancing as well as the building as a whole. Therefore, I designed a dance studio which explored natural light through the roof, contrasting with the dark space below, the auditorium, which relies heavily on artificial light. Moreover, I envisioned the theatre to act as a lantern at night, lighting up in the streetscape and allowing people to look in and see the dancers practising or the visitors drinking and socialising.

P3 Housing

For Project Three, we were asked to design a housing scheme in Burngreave, Sheffield, which included a building for a community centre. I decided to focus on single parent families as this was a significant problem in Burngreave. My manifesto explores combining two single parent family houses in order for them to share chores and help each other bring up their children. The houses are in pairs with a shared kitchen/circulation space joining the two, in this space I wanted to create a light and airy atmosphere inviting people into the space, rather than a space about work. It also highlights the concept of the kitchen being the heart of the home, a solid concrete block which the rest of the house branches out from. My community centre is a community kitchen, big enough for all the families to come and eat, whilst one family cooks. It also acts as a kitchen library, where equipment too large for the home will be stored, as well as having a focus on encouraging children to learn about food and cooking.

Contact: rianna.grant@hotmail.co.uk