Rebecca Wallace

Second Year Portfolio



P1 | Can conflict unite us?


Multi-faith Observatory

Our multi-faith observatory is located on Higger Tor in the Peak District. The spiraling building, inspired by Richard Serra’s Matter of Time and Hariri Ponarini’s Bahai Temple looks at creating conflict in the space it creates and intentionally seeks to make matters slightly uncomfortable – creating a forum for debate. The historic landscape becomes scarred with a Corten steel structure with surrounding sculptures leading you to different points in the landscape where key views are framed by natural rock formations – seeking to alter your perception of space and time…

Sometimes you have to get a little lost to find yourself.





P2 | Can a building transport you to another reality?





Virtual Reality Library

Current library systems are struggling. If they are to carry on surviving we must re-assess how knowledge is distributed and how libraries are funded. ‘The Hive’ is a library that ‘puts you in the book’ – giving you a virtual experience of whatever you wish to learn about. As day turns into night the virtual library metamorphosizes into a hub for gaming and exploration – a place where literally anything can happen. All you have to do is enter, plug in and be transported to a new world…

To escape all you need to do is enter. 





P3 | Is playing just for kids?


Co-housing in Burngreave

My scheme looks at creating a co-housing community through the ideology of self-build, customization and play. Getting people outdoors, working together, building together to create the environment they want to live in. The idea is that the architect creates the framework for people to define, create and evolve their own environments… Sharing, learning and playing together in a cohesive community. The scheme is devised on two conflicting grids – moving the focus from ‘the object’ to ‘the experience’  whereby participation and experimentation are celebrated.

Those that play together, stay together.