Rebecca Liebermann

Project Threshold | Winery


‘an original vision where architecture and landscape meet, where building is not an arrogant monument but a creative contribution to nature.’ Bruno Zevi


The Brief asks for the design of a small Winery that includes a visitor centre , facilities for the small-scale production of wine and an area of approximately 1 acre for the grape vines to grow. Wincobank, the site, is located to the North-East of Sheffield City centre; an ancient Roman Hill Fort that overlooks the city, it remains a relatively undeveloped wilderness. My response is aimed at creating a design that integrates itself with the surrounding nature. I have explored the use of organic forms and natural materials in an attempt to blur the boundaries between the meeting of thresholds. The concept of the canopy centres on the form of trees and attempts to become a continuation of the forest that surrounds it.





Project Performance | Community Theatre


‘A place to escape, a place to dream and wonder, a place to fall in love….’


The Brief outlines the design of a small theatre in response to the site, located on the main road of Attercliffe. I decided to explore the concept of re imagining the theatre as a centre of community; somewhere that would restore life to the area and introduce an aspect of grandeur and excitement into the routine of the everyday. My theatre is designed to accommodate small performances, both local and travelling, and in particular aims to provide for the local group of actors known as the Tudor players for whom the space would act as a place to meet, practice and perform.






Project Housing | Homes for Life


‘A place where a meeting between two realms takes shape, a place where two entities that retain their full individual integrity overlap, where they simultaneously present’ 


The general premise of the brief requires the design of a housing development to accommodate a mixture of families whilst exploring the realm of the shared. My specific theme, as chosen by myself, is that of flexibility and the provision of spaces that can be expanded into so that my dwellings may offer a home for life. By aiming my design at first-time buyers and encouraging lifetime residency, I hope to encourage a stronger community and greater sense of identity in Heeley. Throughout the project, I have explored the relationship between public and private and attempted to form an inclusive response on the basis of socially responsible architecture.





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