Rebecca Earnshaw


Second Year Portfolio

Sheffield School Of Architecture


P1-Weather Observatory

During this project our aim in pairs was to design a small observatory inclusive of overnight accommodation. The site we were provided with was located on the top of Higger Tor, the Peak District, approximately 10 miles outside of Sheffield. The dramatic site has panoramic views overlooking Burbage Valley. During site visits and initial research it was hard to not observe the variation in weather from the city centre to the Peaks, and not only that but simply the contrast in day to day weather. Inspired by this we designed a weather observatory primarily for research purposes but to also house small groups of school children on educational trips. Architecturally the form mirrors that of a large funnel, the design allows the rainwater to be captured and stored inside a feature glass wall in the entrance of the building, not only visually pleasing but with the idea it will be used for flushing toilets ect. Incorporated are large windows and a viewing platform to make the most of the incredible views.


For my second project of the year I had to design a small community performance space incorporating all that comes with a theatre e.g. a café or bar etc… My small site was located in the Northern Quarter a very young, urban area in Manchester filled with arts and crafts and amateur performance and dance schools. My manifesto was developed from this, with the aim to provide a space in which people who may not necessarily get the opportunity to perform from the surrounding amateur performance and dance schools can showcase their talent. The design of my building came from the idea ‘a theatre is simply a box with circulation around it’, I have took this literally designing a raised, cantilevering timber box supported in a larger box made up of brick, glass and a metal frame.


P3-Housing Project

For my final project of the year we had to design a housing scheme with the additional of a community interface element. Situated in Burngreave, Sheffield, a area with low incomes and high unemployment I have designed an affordable work live housing scheme. The scheme provides individual work offices in each of the dwellings with separate access and a row of shop units along the front of the site in the hope of tackling employment issues in the area. The development consists of 11 dwellings; 6 four bed homes and 5 flats. Architecturally the buildings are built from brick to mirror that of the surrounding houses with the addition of black timber to give the proposed developed a welcoming soft appeal. The site itself is very interesting with plenty of surrounding woodland and views over Sheffield, however it was a challenge due to its steep slope.