Ranti Ehinmola

P 1

B I C Y C L E  H U B


Kelham Island, Sheffield  | Joint Project with Aaliyah Lawal

Our brief for P1 was to create a small temporary building that acts as both a pit stop and communal hub as part of a way to promote cycling in Sheffield. The site was located along the River Don which, in our opinion, indicated the threshold for the area since it separated the rural green space from the industrial region. The reticent yet wild nature of our site was a significant factor in our design as we wanted our bicycle hub to be discovered through word of mouth. This resulted in a small structure clad in aluminium that perches lightly on stilts, immersing the building in the trees.


P 2



Ancoats, Manchester

The brief for P2 was to design a theatre in the region of Ancoats, Manchester. Taking into account the nature of Ancoats, I felt that a traditional drama theatre wouldn’t be well suited for this site. Instead I decided to create a spoken word theatre which was a multifunctional space acting as a social hub for a variety of activities to take place. Ancoats consists of many schools but at the same time is lacking in facilities for young people. By implementing spoken word performance culture into the area, young people will have the opportunity to write and perform their own works in an intimate and encouraging environment.


  P 3

C U S T O M  B U I L D  H O U S I N G


Burngreave, Sheffield

This project was to design a housing scheme in the culturally diverse area of Burngreave, Sheffield. My site was located in the commercial area of Burngreave, with many of the neighbouring buildings being used for this purpose or for communal/ religious uses. Inspired by the different cultures and range of housing structures in the area, my manifesto was to create a custom build housing scheme which allows residents to customise their own living environment and create a home which responds to their own individual needs. The scheme also includes a communal cafe and workshop which locals can use. The workshop also provides classes for school children in area, teaching them new skills.