Rania Kapitani

Project 1
‘Threshold’- Caver’s Shelter

By exploring the preparation process for a caver to enter a cave we understood the dangers, as well as the excitement of the sport. Not only physical but also mental preparation is needed before entering a cave as the activity’s poetics suggest how important it is when man and nature come together.We understood the significance of the threshold created on the point between the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’ world, therefore, our design is simple and discreet, which tries to blend into the landscape in order to show respect to it, as well as the cavers who will use it to either get ready for or get rest from the activity of caving.



Project 2

In North-East Manchester there is a beautiful area called Ancoats, which in the last few years is trying really hard to be rejuvenated into a beautiful, welcoming area which encourages people to live or work there. A spirit of community exists but is currently undeveloped but Project 2 aims to introduce a strong scheme that will bring all the generations of Ancoats together through the power of art. Acknowledging the beneficial contribution of an education center in the area, the ‘Ancoats Theater’ will be working with the ‘Manchester Creative Studio’, which is right opposite, in order to provide space for learning drama studio for amateur children, adults and older people who wish to enhance their creativity and knowledge. There will be an open space on the ground floor which will operate as both a café and an exhibition gallery, which exhibits the work of the children in the area, creating an informal atmosphere where everyone is welcome to relax and grab a cup of coffee, while flourish their spirits using the beauty of art! The whole scheme aims to invite the people of Ancoats together and admire the work of their community.



Project 3

After walking around Burngreave, an area in North Sheffield, you automatically understand the issues that arise when it comes to how people use the different public spaces and whether there is a developed sense of community between them. Burngreave is well known for its beautiful green spaces which unfortunately as years pass, are being used less, due to the increase in crime rate around the area which discourages people from getting out in the streets due to lack of safeness. This ‘Housing’ Project aims to regenerate the Industrial area of Burngreave which has limited housing projects, therefore there is an opportunity to design a development that will bring people together and encourage them to use the streets without feeling uncomfortable. In addition, the residences of the scheme will enjoy the comfortable and spacious one-bed and four-bed apartments which have their own private balcony looking towards the beautiful hills of Sheffield. The Industrial Area used to accommodate the heavy Steel and Engineering Industries, which after the Industrial decline in 1990’s, are abandoned and unused. My Manifesto is based on the existing walls on the site, which if you study them carefully you can find and explore some beautiful existing features aiming to reflect you back into the history of all the refugees that came to England, specifically in Burngreave to find a job for a better future for them and their families. Therefore I decided to place a communal area between those 3 walls that is open to the public, where they can meet and work together. Today, most of the people in Burngreave are multicultural and come from different countries of the world, again to find a better job and create a new life. Unfortunately, the spirit of community is missing from Burngreave. But this project brings diverse people together by the hobby of gardening, which doesn’t only educate people, but also improves their health and their lifestyles.