Ran Li


 The design proposal is for designing a lab for bee keepers in the Sheffield general cemetery


Attercliffe is an area fullfilled with history, and has many attractions have been built in past decades. The most famous building is the Adelphi theatre. It was built in 1920 by architect William C. Fenton. The cinema closed in 1967, and the building was then used as a bingo hall under the name “Adelphi Bingo Club” and a nightclub, however, It is currently disused. The poor planning causes serveral problems in the area, and Attercliffe is crying out for the new scheme to revive the past history. The proposed site situated at the corner between Attercliffe road and Beverley Road, how to contribute to surounding buildings, how to establish a strong relationship between Adelphi theatre and the proposed theatre and how to prevent overshadowing in the area become the main considerations fror initial design.


Heeley is a site which fullfilled with warmth and care. Heeley community centre and the Parish church provide most of the public activities to the residents. The acitivities includes computer classes for adults training purposes, sport activities and the sunday workshops provided by the church. However,as a visitor to the site I felt it would be an opportunity to introduce gardening traing place for the community members since the large amount of the green spaces are underdeveloped in the area and the planting index sign provided in the Heeley Milenium Park. Introduction of the gardening training space would also repair the disconnection between the different generation within the community and improved the sense of belongings to the Heeley and the proposed site.

The housing scheme is about memory and to provide the sense of community for the mixture of past and present residents.

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