Ran Duan

P1 | Walkers’ refuge

In collaboration with Yizhen Ren

Located in Castleton, Derbyshire, a walker’s refuge is designed as a shelter for walkers that resting and refreshing from their journey. The service as drying space, administration and indoor café are provided. The design aims to create a cosy house which enables the walkers to enjoy natural view of the landscape. The building itself blends into context with its light structure and materials. The concept of building can be seen as an anchor- a landmark and a resting point. For the walkers going downhill, they can recuperate after climbing to the top, while for the one going uphill, they can conserve their strength for the rest of the journey.


P2 | Performance Theatre

This scheme is to provoke a nostalgic feeling for the local people and thus express it in architectural language as being a performance art theatre. Ancoats was a shock area in Manchester during industrial revolution, it is also known as ‘Little Italy’ that has colony of Italian with their music, food and customs. However, later on Ancoats transformed into an area of upmarket apartments and houses for professional city dwellers. To its ex-residents, now spread around the city, these old memories are still held dear.

As the lifestyle of people living there have been connected strongly with the immigrant’s culture and art which is almost replaced by the modern lifestyle, the theatre’s concept is to remind the mid-age people and old people of the prosperous time. For young people, they could explore and acknowledge the culture that they are yet to know. Therefore, community is bounded by the link between the young and the old. The gallery on ground floor, the standing bar on first floor and café on second floor provide in respond to the event.


P3 | Burngreave Family Housing

For this project I focused my attention on family housing. Started manifesto about skill exchange. As Burngreave is an area with high rates of illiterate people, the scheme aims to build relationship for inhabitants to communicate and share knowledge.

Because of the industrial context in an area of Burngreave which featuring with massive workshops, I decided to create a workshop as communal facilities. People could exchange the skills like furniture making and they could easily get materials from the surrounding workshops.

With the considerations of gaining sunlight and avoiding overshadowing, I decided to use ground floor as public facilities thus all the housing units are on the first floor. The two open spaces on ground floor are designed as an adaptable space that connecting the public space on ground floor and communal space on first floor together.



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