Rachel Glenn


Through understanding the aspirations and motivations of the newly middle class new-build home buyer, I aimed to offer an alternative. The inhabited bridge suggests the icon of the home at the road level, where you would enter when coming home from your commute but the house takes you down to a lower level that becomes more shared with neighbors and the gable icon link to be a zig zag pattern hovering above the lake. Through this project the idea of detachment is questioned and treated sensitively in different areas of the housing.




Creating a theatre in a site that is characterised by the facades that sit feebly against the brick terrace blocks. The facades of hairdressers, takeaways and corner shops speak of the new uses and the new young immigrant populations while the terraces speak of the declined industrial history of the place. The theatre acts as a workshop, where the back of house becomes the front of house and offers a facility for local shop owners to maintain and make their facades. This workshop element makes the facade for the theatre constantly changing and acts to carve out a collective memory for the transient population to share.



Nestled in the forest of Padley Gorge an elderly printmaker needs a studio. This studio is a celebration of time, and of temporality, the printmakers is designed to wear and is a carefully curated project that orchestrates its lifespan among the life cycles already in the natural system of the forest.