Rachel-Ann Atterbury

project 1 |   threshold

Located just outside of Castleton, in the Peak District, Peveril Castle has watched over Cave Dale for just over nine centures. The cycle hire centre is proposed as a new, lightweight fortress, nestled into the valley below. The journey of the cyclist is communicated in the facade as a series of timber columns, whose pattern follows the bicycle’s change in speed as the rider negotiates the turns of the valley. The same pattern is articulated internally as series of louvres which act as bicycle racks.

project 2 |   performance

The brief  prescribed a small community theatre for Attercliffe, a once industrial suburb on the outskirts of Sheffield city centre. The theatre was designed with a thought for aerial productions, necessitating a fly tower, in an otherwise flexible performance space. Perceived as a glass box, the stage area projects over the street, where Attercliffe’s skyline performs as a backdrop. Other than this, only views of the sky are provided on the first floor; a move intended to ‘elevate’ the audience to the performer’s level. A small cafe bar is located on the ground floor, intended as a place to meet socialise before, after and outside of performances.