Rachael Gardner

P1 Foraging

Situated in Gleedless valley, to the south of Sheffield lies Hang bank wood. A beautiful location frequently used for dog walking but little else, it seemed that a kind of attraction would benefit the area. My scheme contains cider making facilities for a group of 10 people and is a private building. The concept behind the design lies around three forms which make up the three main spaces within the simple design layout. The building provides shelter along a path whilst the majority of the structure is hidden within the trees, in order to create the feeling of a safe environment.


P2 Performance

Sharrow Vale Road, adjacent to the thriving Eccelsall Road, is although a bustling street during the day, has little attraction in the evening. I designed a theatre in the round to bring people to Sharrow vale in the evenings. The design facilitates an 88 seat theatre in the round with services running along the left edge. The journey up to the theatre itself is of great importance in the overall experience of going to the theatre in the round. The choice of circular forms developed from the concept of traditional arches as well as the idea of inviting people in with the soft street edge.

P3 Housing

Heeley is a small town to the south of Sheffield which is lucky to have a strong community and countless green spaces. My site, located just off the high street, is a fairly large green space that is used merely as a public path. My scheme aims to enhance the space with eight new houses that connect with the existing houses to the south of the site with a central green space, whilst keeping the existing path. Privacy is maintained with some gated outdoor space as well as communal and semi public spaces to capture the south sunlight. The scheme offers 2 and 3 bedroom houses which have the possibility to be adapted or extended to accommodate a growing family.