Rachael Cowan




Located on Higher Tor our observatory design focuses on the journey through and around the building, and how the use of external steps and terraces can frame a night time landscape sensitively. Inspired by the design of German pillbox’s as well as natural rock formations; the observatory balances on the edge of the landscapes threshold, partially sunken, but also protruding in rugged geometric forms,  an isolated sheltering the wilderness.








The theatre has been part of the culture of our cities for centuries. Situated in central Manchester, the design for this drag theatre has developed from an understanding of a theatre’s need to be an environment that encourages self-expression, culture, diversity and enjoyment. Through drawing on the traditional red-brick architecture of the north of England, and combining it with elements of flamboyant design; this building creates unique performance spaces that are rooted in Mancunian culture.








This Burngreave housing project developed from a belief that all housing should provide inhabitants with a decent quality of life, with a specific focus on low-income families. The provision of both public and private green outdoor space is central to the design, experienced through private terraces, public roof gardens and landscaping. Furthermore, the project seeks to make community resources such as a children’s play/learning centre, easily accessible for all. Additionally parents are supported through the inclusion of home work spaces along side child care facilities.





Personal Work