Petros Nikolaou

P1: Threshold

We were tasked, in pairs, to design a sheltered space with a good view of landscape for practicing photo shoot located at Surprise View. We found a lot of challenges, throughout our two visits to the site and we knew that the rocks on the site would be both complicated to work with but also a beautiful and helpful element in our design. Materials, such as timber and glass were chosen for the structure of our building in order to blend it into the scenery and make it as light weight as possible.

P2: Library

The aim of this project was to design a library on a given site in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. It was noticeable that the area lacks from green spaces but on the other hand, it was distinct that the area is covered from a lot of eye-catching graffiti. Therefore, I came with the idea of designing a public library for the artists of the area where they can go and practice their work on the outdoors, green area of the library and the small studios on the upper floors of the library, but also to gain from the collection of books on famous artists throughout the history of art. 

P3: Housing

As people differ from each other, houses should do so as well. Houses should be a combination of spaces in order to satisfy the needs of the people living in them.

This housing project was located in Burngreave, Sheffield, where we were asked to design a housing scheme able  to accommodate both families and an additional domestic group. I decided to design small flexible, two bedroom houses for small families but also, old couples. In addition, it was required to provide some sort of collective or community interface facility. I chose to give my building two green roofs where both the residence of the houses and the public can enjoy. Parts of the roof will be allocated to grow vegetables and fruits that will be sold on the small shop on the ground floor, bringing the whole community together.