Petra Parker-Price

P 1  >  W A L K I N G    

Brief > To design a place of shelter for walkers completing both long overnight excursions and short days trips. The ‘off the grid’ design had to provide refuge from the elements and feature space for at least 12 people to sleep, communal area for at 20 and a kitchen. Situated between Castleton and Edale, the building sits along a very exposed section of the Great Ridge Walk through the Peak District on top of Back Tor. I wanted the design to be a continuation of the walk, providing emphasised views of both where the walker had come from and where they would be going once their stay was complete. Because of its exposed location I didn’t want the building to make a statement within the landscape, therefore the idea was that it would simply be an extension of the hill it sits, allowing walkers to see it from afar (to know where to aim to walk to), yet not obstruct the view.

P 2  >   T H E A T R E

Brief > To design a theatre of some kind to sit on the high street of Attercliffe, Sheffield. Designed to house traveling performers and artists, my individual brief needed the space to be flexible to allow a complete transformation of the space and workshop spaces to allow performers to makeshift sets, plinths etc. A series of flexible ‘pods’ extend from the central solid core that holds all the building services and lift, Beginning with the ground floor, a foyer/reception/communal kitchen, the building gets progressively more private the further up you go, finishing with the bedrooms and living areas for the performers. The ‘pods’ allow glimpses of action from various places within the building to hint at what may be occurring somewhere else.

P 3  >  H O U S I N G

Brief > To design a housing complex for retirees and young families in Heeley, Sheffield. Situated on the heavily sloped W2 site overlooking Sheffield, the site features a community pub and creative studios across the road. The idea of the scheme was to create a space to share skills and knowledge through interaction. Small courtyards are created by interlocking houses to enable occupants chance meetings. Inspired by the hidden alleyways and green spaces dotted around Heeley, my scheme also aims to be a continuation of these, creating varying senses open space and privacy. Because of the pubs use by the Heeley community, I decided to keep it and add a communal cafe, workshop and studios, a flexible market space also features underneath a public roof garden that overlooks Sheffield as an extension of the popular beer garden already existing.