Pengnanxi Wang (Nanxi)

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Joint project with Natalie Liow


The brief is to design a small bicycle hub in a given landscape. The building must contain storage for 40 bikes, a sales desk, bike repair area, café, and two accessible toilets with shower.

The site is essentially a forgotten piece of greenery surrounded by industrial workshops. We decided to locate our building on top of the hill to dominate the site and announce its status as a new landmark. A ramp spirals up the circular building creating a viewing platform people can climb up to, whilst making the building an attraction for people to visit in the area.



Children’s Library in Ancoats


The brief is to design a medium-sized public library that reinterprets the library for the 21st century. The library must contain a café and a main library space.

The site is located in Ancoats, Manchester, with surrounding buildings mainly residential. Green spaces and community buildings are desperately needed in the area, which inspired my desire to create a place that brings nature, art, and energy into the neighbourhood. I believe it is important to start education young, and the future of the library lies in the next generation’s attitude towards it. Therefore, it is important to provide an engaging space for children to learn and play in outside of school. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach to childhood education, the interior spaces aim to have natural light and open spaces without clutter. The courtyard pond allows light into the centre of the building, as well as allowing the ground floor ceiling to be animated by water reflections, bringing the movement of nature inside.



Co-Housing in Burngreave



The brief is to design a housing scheme accommodating both families and an additional domestic group, as well as providing a ‘community interface’ facility. The proposal must carefully consider communal and shared spaces.

The site is located in Burngreave, Sheffield, mainly a residential area. The proposal is inspired by the Denmark model of cohousing and intergenerational living, it is an attempt to develop a new community in the area which could bring change and alleviate some of Burngreave’s social dilemmas. Cohousing creates a great environment for raising children, to find a sense of belonging, and to have mutual support from the community. Design strategies are implemented to promote social interactions, with the common house being the “heart” of the community.