Paul Connolly

P1 – Cycle Hut

The task for my P1 project was to design a cycle hut in the woods near the River Don, North of Sheffield. Due to the chosen site being particularly peaceful and a popular route for walkers in the area, I aimed to make my design one which fitted into the landscape and still allow for easy access routes either side of the site. The material fabric mainly consists of steel frame, glass and wood. It also features a reception, bike repair shop, toilet space and a cafe that is elevated on the edge of the slope, allowing for beautiful views over Sheffield.

P2 – Library / Theatre

P2 brief was to bring the traditional library up-to-date and respond to a 21st century user. The project was developed through two design stratagems; respond to the adjacent buildings and also the historical context of the surrounding area.

The neighbourhood study allowed for me gain valuable knowledge through research on the area. This later lead to a more specific study into building types within Ancoats, which inspired me to adopt major design decisions such as form and materiality.








P3 – Housing

The site is situated North of Sheffield City Centre in Burngreave. Due to an important factor of the scheme being shared communal facilities – laundrette, children play space and later conference room – development to my design both in form and massing on the site was largely influenced by allowing easy access to the wider demographic.

I decided to focus on co – housing/ intergenerational housing, intending to merge separations between the age groups in Burngreave. The design aims to achieve this by emphasising the idea of interaction within the community – incorporating features such as a community building offering a wide range of facilities. The scheme also includes two housing types with two dwellings in total; four family dwellings and three bungalows for the elderly or even young professionals just starting their careers.