Pannatorn Pavapanupong

Project One


Paired project with Razvan Ivanov. To maintain the beauty of the site, this observatory is designed with the concept of blending in with the 
landscape. The gabion walls and building blend in with the existing rocks on Higger Tor  with only the observatory standing out. Inside, there are 
accommodations for researchers to stay overnight while observing. It is also open to public as people could come to study about astronomy in the meeting 
spaces or socialise outside in the sheltered space that will protect them from cold wind.



Project Two




Situated within the northern quarter of Manchester, this library provides service to public whether it is just to borrow an E-book, audio book or records 
to booking a music practice room or to try and record an audio book themselves. Although the surroundings are quite noisy and neglected, the site is 
relatively close to the train station, the library could be a nice stop to borrow some book on-the-go or sit and relax in the cafe area while exchanging 
stories about different books with this library’s community.





Project Three


This housing scheme aims to make a difference to Burngreave area as a whole. By having a start up scheme, this allows people who didn’t have a chance
or just recently moved to Burngreave to settle down and start their own business. Within the scheme, there will be affordable housing, communal courtyard 
garden, workshop space and retail space . All residences of Burngreave will be able to attend workshops for crafting or classes as well. Limited affordable
rental space will allow residences of the housing scheme to start their business with little investment. Once the people are settled and business is going
well, they then move out somewhere else in Burngreave taking their business with them and eventually increase number of business and shops in Burngreave.