Paige Howard


Cavers shelter

We were tasked with the design of a small building in a landscape to accommodate the given brief, creating a retreat for cavers before and after their explorations within the caves, the site being at The Peak Cavern in Castleton. This project was done in pairs, I worked with Ariane Easton. Due to limitations in space, the interior is kept simple and functional and we took inspiration from the equipment used by the cavers and decided to adopt how they separate certain equipment into our design.



The northern Quarter in Manchester has become a destination within its own rights, with a laid back, bohemian vibe during the day and transforming at night into teeming pavements of people in search of tasty food, craft beer, pop-up events and live music. My scheme is to provide a place for the community to escape and fall in love with the theatrical experience from a variety of music performance. My theatre has a modern café/bar to meet friends before the performance, followed by a low flexible stage followed by a stepped seating layout. The theatre is multi-purpose use and can be open at all times.



Burngreave, Sheffield is where project 3 takes place, our brief was to design a housing project that would relieve the strain of the housing crisis for a certain demographic group of people. For my manifesto, I wanted to look at how homes should be able to adapt with its cohabitants whether that is a new workplace, a studio or bedroom. I want to design an area where over time it becomes more densifies and a more diverse, vibrant community.