Paige Howard

Project 2

The Purpose of this project was to design a small theatre. The site was located in Manchester, Northern Quarter which has a very bohemian vibe within the area. This influenced my choice in the type of theatre that I wanted to design, a theatre for music performances, Jazz club to be specific as it was very fitting for the area.


Project 3

The purpose of this project is to design a Housing project for families and a domestic group and to also incorporate a communal or public facility within the Burngreave area of Sheffield. Burngreave is a relatively deprived area with high crime rates. Population as a whole, is younger than the national average and it is also older than the average, making Burngreave a older persons location. This influenced my manifesto as I took the approach of designing an intergenerational housing scheme along with family dwellings. The housing scheme consists of 9 dwellings (4 family and 5 apartments), aiming to integrate people who would perhaps otherwise live on their own with families in order to create a community which feels like a family.