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Maranatha A. Obasi


This compilation of second year architectural projects and works is meant to showcase my progress and journey in my architectural education.

Kayaking is a fun water sport which can be undertaken and enjoyed individually or collectively. A joint project with Yinuo (Karen) Zhuo, of which the objective was to design a centre for kayak enthusiasts in Tinsley (near Meadowhall), Sheffield, on a heavily wooded/landscaped site along the River Don and a canal network. P1 emphasised the importance of ergonomics (1.1 “measure”), awareness of territory (1.2 “territory”) and consideration of threshold (1.3 “threshold) in informing and influencing design. We were tasked with designing a small building in a landscape that provided the basic facilities required for the smooth operation of a kayak centre, including storage spaces, changing rooms and shower provisions. We also had to incorporate a common area in our scheme in order to cater to the social needs of a typical sports centre.


Sections & Elevation

Located on Ropewalks square, between Bold street and Wood street, in the historically rich area of Ropewalks in Liverpool, P2 sees Site A’s transformation into the Library for Realistic and Hyper-realistic artists. This transformation very much befits the site, its context being an area that boasts a vibrant cultural and artistic heritage with a diverse ethnic blend calling for such a library dedicated to portraying and reflecting this splendid reality.




P3, like all other projects, required careful consideration of site, context, history, boundaries , thresholds, human interactions and needs, as well as the constant and temporary in designing an appropriate housing scheme that ticked all the boxes. The project location is the Burngreave’s area of Sheffield, in fact the most diverse ward in the city. Due to its demographics, ethnic and cultural diversity, I decided to base my project on providing a co-housing scheme that targeted and strived to facilitate inter-generational contact, understanding and well-being.


Section & Elevation

Sectional Perspective