Abbie Caton

Killer Drawing

P1. ‘Walk’

‘Walking is not a sport… walking is the best way to go more slowly than any other method that has ever been found.’  – From a Philosophy of walking, Frederic Gros, Verso, London 2014

The brief was to design a temporary public shelter with a multipurpose space for activities, cooking and eating, as well as sleeping accommodation for twelve people. Our site was Back Tor in the peak district, It was a steep hilly area with greenery and beautiful views. The plantation was also a dominant factor ; the antithesis of the clear green fields.

After visiting the peak district, I began to think about the different relationships people have with walking. People walk because they need to relax after a long day. people walk to enjoy the scenery. People walk because it happens to be a nice day. And people walk to simply get from one place to another. When I was design the public shelter I was thinking about the relationship the hikers had with walking and the Peak District. The walkers would have been exposed to the beautiful views of Back Tor throughout the day, so I thought it would be interesting to envelope them throughout the evening. Therefore I decided upon the plantation incorporating a veranda into my design allowing walkers to walk among the treetops. Fellow walkers will be able to eat and talk together about their days hike, sharing information and map their course for the next day. I was hoping camaraderie would develop among the walkers and they would be able to share with each other aspects that they personally enjoy about walking, and their appreciation of nature in general would increase after being enclosed within it for a night.


P2. ‘The Music Box Library’

The brief was to design a library that would smoothly fit into the site and 21st century. I had to also incorporate a ‘front of house’ section that would work well with the quiet of the silent study and reading spaces. My site was Darnall, approximately 15 minutes via transport from Sheffield city centre. My site was on the high street with many takeaways but there were no particular landmarks.

After Visiting Darnall, one of the aspects that influenced my design was the public attitude towards Darnall, and activities they felt they could and could not do. In general the public expressed dislike for the current Darnall due to unruly youths, lack of community hubs and a sense of feeling unsafe at night. During site analysis I discovered that there were a few community buildings such as churches and specific clubs, but they did not appeal to the vast majority of people living in Darnall. Therefore I thought it would be beneficial to include activities that would appeal to many different types of people in Darnall, and music is something that everybody enjoys to an extent. I also thought it was unique because it is unusual to merge sound with a traditionally quiet space. There were not any cafes on the way to the site, so residents will want to make use of the library’s cafe to perhaps buy lunch or a cup of coffee on their way to work. I also wanted to include a music shop and bookable recording and performance spaces to further encourage people to make use of the facilities.  



P3. ‘The Greenhouse’

 The brief was to design a housing development with a sense of community and sharing, which differs from today’s expectations of being secluded in your own property. It is common in today’s society to be unfamiliar of neighbors, and this scheme essentially would turn that expectation on its head. You also had to create a communal space, taking in to consideration who the occupants would be as well as the site given. My site was  in Heeley located between Sum Studios, and Heeley Parish church. 

After Visiting Heeley, one of the aspects that influenced my design was the public attitude towards Heeley, and activities that the residents and the community as a whole could take part in. I also wanted to design a communal space that the primary school children could make use of. During site analysis I discovered that the people in Heeley were very friendly with one another, and there was an overall positive atmosphere. Sum studios, Anns Grove primary school and Heeley farm were the landmarks that most people mentioned. Therefore I thought it would be beneficial to design a communal space that fit in with the site without being dwarfed by the existing land marks. I thought a greenhouse space would be new and appreciated by the locals. Selling flowers creates a good income for the residents and is a good activity for the public as they get to choose their own flowers. I also thought it was unique because it is unusual to have the freedom of piking your own flowers, it can also act as a learning facility for children.