Oliver Dorrington


P1: Thresholds – Cycle Hub

Tasked with designing a cycle hub on the edge of the Peak District in Owlerton, we chose our area based on the fact it crossed over three thresholds. There was a cycle path/walkway, a river and a road. This ended up being a good place to situate our hub as it served as a catalyst between cycle routes and the roads of Sheffield. Our approach to the design was minimalism and we wanted to have people flow through the site, so we placed both the building and the bike racks on either side of the walkway.

P2: Community Theatre

As a lively, vibrant city, Manchester was an interesting area to design a theatre in. Manchester is one of the most LGBT friendly and accommodating cities in the North of the UK, so for my theatre I decided to choose the theme of ‘Drag’. The style of the theatre I designed is quite typically cabaret, but I was heavily influenced by Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks for my front facade and wanted to have a ‘peer behind the curtain’ element of surprise to my drag theatre.

P3: Housing Design

Situated in Burngreave, just outside of the Sheffield City Centre, I aimed to design housing that would appeal to people who worked in the City Centre and to residents of Burngreave with a family. The surrounding area was in need of a public space for the many workers around the proposed site, and I was influenced by Ai WeiWei’s Serpentine Pavilion. After redesigning the central feature, I would have liked to of represented it more visually.