Oliver Berry




Attercliffe Marionette Theatre

The theatre differs greatly from shops and businesses surrounding it on Attercliffe Road. Rather then contributing to the loud adverts and aggresive posters of the area, it simply presents a concrete facade to the street. Through this stark disregard for advertisment, a theme prominent in the area, it does not get passed over by people, but captures their attention.  This concrete wall acts as a buffer zone between the business of the outside world and the harmony of marionette theatre, and though it seems monolithic, lights shine from behind the wall, rendering it soft and approachable.



Kayak Teaching Centre

The structures found close to the river are not loud, they do not draw attention to themselves and blend into their surroundings. They are grey in colour, chilling and metallic, and almost look alien, but when opened up they reveal their colourful treasures. Vibrant kayaks and canoes are unleashed, converting the atmosphere into one of joy and enjoyment, reflecting the excitment of down the river.