Olga Zakrzewska

P2  Mobile Library


Two focal points of my project were the reading habits and mobility. While the focus on different habits concerning reading books was reflected by design of the interior, the concept was exceeding the site. Library built of shipping containers elevated on brickwork was including an external storage, a container which would allow to easily transport book collections. Firstly, enhancing a prospect for the effective exchange of collections with other libraries what solved the problem of small site size and limited storage space. Secondly, allowing to bring books to the people and create a Mobile Library with temporary exhibitions around Manchester.



P3  Art- the language of all nations


My P3 was housing scheme with collaborative art space. The site was located on the border between the industrial and residential area which was relatively newly populated. The aim of the project was to overcome common difficulties of wider multicultural society and achieve a strong sense of community by incorporating the art space into the design. The art workshops located on the top floor would allow residents to explore different cultures through the language of art, giving the opportunity to get to know each other better. Finally, the art space would be the place to express yourself through painting and crafts. A canvas of the society of Burngreave.