Oana-Cristina Cioploiu

P1 Thresholds

The first project tasked us with creating a small building in the landscape, emphasizing the threshold between building and the outdoors. The site was Peak Cavern, in Castleton, and the design was meant to accommodate a group of 6 to 8 cavers, before or after their journey of exploring the cave. For a caver, light means knowledge, and darkness is unexplored, unknown. The mouth of the cave becomes, so, a natural threshold in which the proposed building is located. Stretching from the outside to inside, the design enhances the threshold experience of the cave by leaving the social areas exposed, without walls or roofs.


P2 Theatre

The second project involved designing a theatre in Ancoats, Manchester. The design took inspiration from the play ‘Amadeus’, by Peter Schaffer, and the origins of the dramatic type. The theatre proposes to use light, shadows and movement to create a unique cultural experience.


P3 Housing

The third project was a housing one, located in northern Sheffield, in Burngreave. The design aimed to find a balance between architecture and nature, and incorporate the green space and plants into home. Privacy and community come together to create a secret garden, as well as a public space to educate about the nature.


Contact info: occioploiu1@sheffield.ac.uk