Nicholas Phillips

Gardening Community Centre
Designing for Hathersage in the Peak district, this project required that we paid special attention to the landscape that surrounds a building and carefully scrutinise the threshold condition that it occupies.
In response to such evaluations and emotional responses to the site, we carefully designed a small building that straddles a tree line between the allotments and a river. The roof continues the line created by the trees on either side, the axis of the building is all about passing from the profane to the sacred, as one moves from the store rooms, past the raised potting room and through into the recreational space which offers wide restful views up the pastoral valley beyond. Particular attention paid in plan to this division, loosely inspired by Mies Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion.

Much work was unfortunately destroyed.
1:1 Measure Task – Nicholas
Site Plan – Nicholas and Joe
Long Section Through Landscape – Nicholas and Joe
  Civic Library

Situated in the Ropewalks area of Liverpool, an up-and-coming area currently frequented mainly for its bars in the evenings, this project seeks to redress the diurnal balance, helping to attract daytime visitors. My library will be part of a wider development plan that I designed, which will see the introduction of a park into the local infrastructure on land that is currently derelict or used for parking. The aim is to begin providing a series of integrated public services that will facilitate recreation and work, stimulating regeneration.

Designing a library for the 21st Century, I reflected that contemporary working habits are becoming increasingly flexible and that people are drawn to comfortable enjoyable and flexible working environments. As such, my primary focus was to create a flexible space that would be impressive and exciting in order to generate civic pride, catering for a range of needs incorporating multiple civic functions. The library will provide space for socialising, access to computers, private and group workstations, flexible workshops, stacks, quiet reading rooms and exhibition space.
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Interior Experience
A Caring Community

Located in the deprived ward of Burngreave in Sheffield, this project provides a co-dependant council-housing estate, focused around support and care for young children. The occupants are comprised of single parent families, families looking to adopt and foster and two elderly families.

I was inspired by the surrounding roofscapes, topography and liminal qualities of the site between the city and parkland. My development speaks of visual motifs such a terraced roofs and chimneys and plays with different typologies, embodying Rossi’s theories about the ‘Analogous City’. In terms of its occupancy and design, it is a ‘microcosmic community’.

Defensive, protective and playful; ‘A Caring Community’ presents strong facades; offers the safety of a courtyard embraced by overhanging eaves; and excites with walkways through the roofs, split levels and a covered play-area. For young and potentially vulnerable occupants, the development serves an apt purpose.

Communal provision is made in the community house, which has additional kitchen, laundry and social space, whilst privately everyone can enjoy their own outdoor space on roof gardens and balconies.

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