Nial Brimacombe

An Alternative Perspective

A Joint Project With Eleanor Catlin

This Walkers Refuge is a place of rest in a walkers journey. A journey that we established often involves a lot of focus on your immediate next step or what is in front of you rather than the ‘alternative perspective’. We wanted to provide a built form that gave back to the landscape and gave walkers a place to rest and take in the beauty of the sky, the trees or the birds – the alternative perspective. The building itself alternates. It can be inflated or deflated to immerse the walkers in, or protect from, the weather. The location, within the Peak District National Park, is an ideal setting to give back to the environment and provide new walking routes as the building sprawls across a disused quarry.



This theatre, for a modern Shakespeare company, takes reference from the nature of the performances within. The productions are industrial, they are current and they bare all to the audience. The theatres ‘one door’ means that everyone’s job and role within theatre production is celebrated because the audience, actors and back of house can see each others ‘work’. The materials used (and the exposed structure) throughout have been chosen to express further the idea that everyone’s role in theatre production is felt, including the building itself. The 90 seat thrust stage theatre is located in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and adds to the areas vibrant social scene.


Public House

The British Public House is an institution, it is a drinking and meeting place, it is a community hub. This housing scheme is based on the idea that if a community knows each other they will look out for each other. The ‘Pub’ (and what the Public House could be) is an ideal setting for fostering good communities. The scheme is located in Burngreave, Sheffield which is a predominantly residential area. The Public House integrates fully within the development of three bed houses, two and one bed apartments through a central staircase that links the Public Spaces to the apartment circulation. Further integration between residents and the public happens in the landscaped terraces which feature semi-private gardens and more public areas.