Nathan Hill


In this paired project, the brief was to design a small building in a sensitive area of landscape, to allow a temporary short-term stay for a minimum of 8 people. A deep understanding of the site was essential, as the choice of site within a given area was optional. The series of buildings rest gently on the landscape with subtle reference to the castle ruins nearby as ‘L’ shape stone walls comfort the timber frames.


Tasked with designing a theatre in the Northern Quarter, Manchester, I decided to extend on the culture and history of theatre through the use of digital projection with the aim of recreating the classical elements of old theatre performances, also providing live screenings of other performances happening in mainstream theatres elsewhere in Manchester and the UK. The café is situated at ground level, open to the street with a glass façade whilst the cinema is on the first floor. Bi-fold walls present the bar to the audience unexpectedly at the end of the performance, a place to socialise and reminisce. The first floor façade is a repetition of the neighbouring building, offering exclusivity to the bar area from the street.



The scheme revolves around a shared site proposal which provides housing for families and the elderly, accommodating a nursery directly next to the homes. Designed to create interaction between residents and the nursery children, the idea is motivated by age segregation in UK society. The two buildings are separated by a shared garden, which challenges the balance of public and private space, whilst they are simultaneously connected through an atrium.