Nathalie Hurlstone

year 2 portfolio






p1 cavers’ shelter



The focus of our design for this caver’s shelter was the journey through the building. We created a series of spaces, each different from the other with regard to light, sound, temperature and materiality. The shelter follows the natural shape of the land as it curves and descends down and around the slope; it therefore sits sensitively in the landscape and provides a sense of closeness to the caves. Certain spaces are buried in the earth while others emerge from the cliff face and celebrate the views of the valley below.









p2 light theatre



The series of feelings that are felt by the spectator form the basis of my design concept – in particular the anticipation and experience of the performance. My building provides spaces for these moments prior to, throughout and after the main event. My light theatre is a flexible venue for musical, educational, charity oriented or artistic performances.  The hidden quality of Spear Street makes it suitable for this purpose by adding to the drama of the event.










p3 asylum seeker and refugee housing



The migrant crisis is a very real problem in the present day. My housing aims to provide a comfortable and welcoming home for people who have been displaced from previous ones. Uniquely coloured houses provide the inhabitants with a sense of ownership and self-sustenance while a shared community space encourages interaction and relationships between the residents and the people of Burngreave. My aim was to provide a place for refugees and asylum seekers to set up their new lives and be supported by every aspect of their living environment.